“As, you probably know, their has not been an update on this blog for month’s since, London left. So I guess, it falls down to me to take over and get formerly known “Chicwash” Back onto its feet…So I managed, to persuade some close friends of mine,Nona (D0E) & Steph (GirliciousSteph) to join forces with me…Obivously, London cannot be replaced, not that I would want to replace her…But I felt it was time for “Chicwash” To take a step in the right direction…”

“I realise, I may not be the next Auliet, especially without London…But many people have been asking “Hey, What happened to the Blog” So I felt it was my Duty to step up and stop being. PLAIN OLD LAZY. So to start off slowly, I have posted some Outfits of the Day’… Hope you enjoy, MooiChic!”            ~Adrianna Ortega (iEaPuta)

~ The Show Must go on… ♥

iEatPuta~Outfit 1: Shirt:Diiva Legging: iEatPuta Shoes: Low

GirliciousSteph~Outfit2: Shirt:Niomi Jeans:Psicodelic

Nona, a.k.a D0E will, be joining in our next post, shes ill So everyone who reads this… Message her #GET BETTER SOON NONA! =]


Wonderfully Winter~Like…

London put together some really cute pieces, and made this fabulous outfit. Ok, we’re going to keep this Short & Sweet..Sorry we have not been posting lately… :/ But not to worry, as we will be posting alot more… Thanks for all of your support =D ♥ ~Chicwash




At their best, ♥

Dont worry guys, we havent stopped posting,just been away with personal things.We will be back very shortly with magazine reviews,creator reviews etc, but for now we wanted to give you 2 outfit ideas … Thanks~Chicwash♥

Outfit 1:

Denim shirt~Seph

Bottoms~ prettikitti



Outfit 2:


Moustache studs~seph






AuLiet ♥

AuLiet AuLiet, is a very big supporter of this blog, so we have much love for her.She is by far one of our favourite dev’s… and certainly will be going on an AuLiet, spending spree very soon.

AuLiet, is becoming very big in the imvu fashion industry and almost iconic~ She’s just amazing!!! And very talented, we reckon that in a few weeks/months shes gonna be on the front page.She also runs a very successful Blog go check her out ————>

our favourite pick’s… The Net wedges!, they go with anything and man they sure are sexyy! They also create like a slight illusion. hehe lets face it we just love them.The flared net at the top, its just a great touch.

We also like the wrap-up’s in multiple colours, they’re really purddy!And they’re nice and long~look great with a pair of tight fitting jean’s or shorts. =]

The turban’s are brilliant too, we love the patterns which she has chosen too,they brighten up any outfit.

Adrian~The first product I saw of hers was her FlowerBandeau,I remember thinking man thats hawtt.. hehe

She is goig to be big, so look out for her, and Buy her things!! she will not dissapoint.

AuLiet certainly pulls off the hip/Afrocentric style brilliantly… AuLiet if you are reading this.. WE LOVE YOU!!! ♥ take care hunny and keep up the good work 😀 ~Chicwash

All images belong to Auliet.




Jess ♥’s Fred

So for the past week or so, London has been hooked on Australian fashion blogger Jess Loves Fred’s website like its heroin.So here is London to tell you why she loves her so much…~Adrianna

Oh I just absolutely love the way she dresses, its very unique.Her sense of style is capitivating, I like how she mix’s modern and Vintage together helping her complete amazing look’s.I adore her Accessorie’s and Shoe’s she always looks great and know’s exactly how to pair things for total PERFECTION.Her undercut completely suits her beautiful face, lets face it she is absolutely stunning.. its safe to say she is my new fashion icon… And some day she is going to be VERY BIG! ~ London ♥

Ouftit’s which should be on imvu..

So, I was stalking Le Happy’s Blog today, Le Happy is an amazing Fashion-forward Gal, all of her outfit’s have a grungy vintage vibe to them… which is kind of my thing. So without furthur adeu, here we go.

These outfit’s are what I expect to be seeing in the Imvu Catty VERY soon… any Dev’s reading this? This is what I want you to make! 😛 ~Adrianna

Soon me and London, will be making a review of Le Happy’s blog, so keep your eye on this space!


Something good actually came out of Boredom, this outfit was thought up pretty randomly and Im surprised it even goes together, I thought it was just something, simple but Established.Something you could just wear round town, or on a busy day doing a coffee run, Plus I love these boots with this skirt~ Hope you enjoy it ~ London, ♥ ( btw, I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to everyone that has been supporting us, carry on supporting us and we promise we will carry on posting ~blows kiss~ ♥ )

Raviishinq’s catalog:

Peng’s catalog:

Scarlett’s catalog:

XVlll’s catalog:


Vin, a very fashionable Friend of mine. Hope you guy’s enjoy this ~ London

Me:What type of clothing do you like?

Vin: I mostly find myself wearing clothes that appeal to the distinguished gentleman.I like to look established. So cardigans,chino’s,slacks,form shirts,suits. Anything formal wear or gentlemanly is good.

Me:do you have any favourite developers on here?

Vin:Trying to get all my secrets?, Ill say this.. Do you recognize anything Im wearing right now?

Me:How do you feel about the trends on here. Do you have any likes or dislikes?

Vin:Im personally not a fan of trends I feel trends take away from originality.My belief for such is that a trend is only something that anyone follows behind. So I’d say trends all together are a dislike. In my own opinion.

Me:How do you feel about originality dying on this site? like people wishlist shopping or trying to copy someones look?

Vin:Wishlist shopping is sadly a popular thing now-a-days, just wish that people could do more for themselves.  Or have a better sense of self, It is quite the disappointment.

Me:Last question. Do you think originality will ever come back to imvu?

Vin:I don’t. Imvu is a system where millions of people come from all over the world.Everyone has a twin or a bestfriend who they look like avi-wise.I’ll leave it on this note.~Chase the dream, not the competetion because you’ll never need inspiration if you have vision.

If you have any questions,Idea’s or request’s or maybe you want to be featured, message our Yahoo @ or message me on imvu, RareEvidence =) ~Thanks


So Londie felt like getting her dress on and hitting the club’s,So I thought I’d join her. Caution! this is pretty hot stuff!

We both decided to choose outfit’s which represented our personalitie’s & Style.Animal Print is coming back into fashion so I decided to go for a simple, but Glam look… Added , Jewlery ,a corset, some cute Shoes and WHAM! Complete.My look has a slightly Grungy vibe to it, In my opinion anyway’s.

While Londie went for someting that makes you say “WOW”! I’m loving her necklace (Low), she pull’s off a very classy,sleek look … *Slightly-Jealous*~ No wonder we work so well together hehe…

If you have any questions please message me and London on our Yahoo account … or if you’d rather message us on imvu then message, RareEvidence (Londie) or iEatPuta (Adrianna)  ♥ ~Chicwash.

London’s outfit…

Adrianna’s Outfit…

Ciara ♡

So today, I sat down to interview creator and Friend of mine Ciara.

Ive been buying her items for a very long time, since she first started, and Ive seen her blossom, like well blossom’s..Everytime, I see her she always looks great in other’s clothes, so her creations are guarenteed to be Great!I love the style of clothing she makes, its always very classy but still casual.. Perfection. Ciara’s wearing, a ripped sleaved sweater,Booty short’s,stocking’s and killer heel’s, an outfit, most Girls on imvu would die knowing how to put together.


Me: So Ciara why did you start creating?

Ciara: I started creating because I love fashion and I love making clothes, I had everything I needed to do it, and I could just be free with making thing’s & if I couldnt find anything I liked, I could make it myself therefore getting it just how i wanted. =)

Me: How long have you been creating now?

Cara:Ive been creating for about a year now..

Me: Was it difficult to get the hang of?

Ciara: Well at the beginnig it was; then i got better at it and i could dev almost everything…

Me:And what style would you say your creations are?

Ciara: *Takes long pause to think*~ Umm, Id say Casual,but my clothing has a certain attitude about it, I cant really explain. hehe

Me: and last but not least, what can we expect from you in the future?
Ciara: my catalog is going to be better and improved. I will make new products almost everyday and i will try to be one of the best developers on here. People can expect More outgoing product’s, more of the unknown & unique items Any girl or guy can wear and feel good  about.=)

All images belong to Ciara. ♥